What We Do

Simply put, Eyeplan provides a monthly payment plan for your patients. As an Eyeplan Associate, you offer various Eyeplan schemes that give your patients the choice to become Eyeplan members. Members pay a monthly fee for a suite of benefits such as regular eye examinations, specialised services and accidental damage protection. We manage your fee collection and support your fee generation.

Eyeplan has benefits for both your practice and your patients including:

  • Improving patient loyalty and care provision by encouraging close relationships with patients and repeated visits.
  • Increasing profitability in the practice; you will be able to attract more patients, more frequently that can afford a higher quality service.
  • Improving dispense rates and values.
  • Improving your practice’s VAT position.

The beauty of Eyeplan is that it not only offers fantastic value for your patients, but also significant benefits for your practice.  A true 'value exchange'.

Check out our Members site to see more about the types of benefits Eyeplan provides for your patients!

Implementing Eyeplan

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