Patient Scenarios

The 60 plus patient

One of the biggest misunderstandings about Eyeplan is that, because of their modest NHS entitlement, patient over the age of 60 won’t join the scheme.  This simply is not true and the many thousands of Eyeplan members over 60 reflect the patient profile of the practices they visit and the benefits Eyeplan brings to them.

There are a number of very good reasons why a patient over the age of 60 would consider joining Eyeplan, including:

  • They are likely to need and want high end varifocal lenses in quality fashion frames; Eyeplan can ease the immediate ‘pain on the pocket’ to have these needs satisfied.
  • They may wish to have additional pairs such as occupationals, single vision readers or sunglasses and again Eyeplan makes this affordable.
  • A patient over 60 is as likely to accidentally damage a pair of spectacles as any other age group and the Eyeplan Accidental Damage Scheme is as important for this group of patients as any other.
  • Often as a patient gets older, concern and anxiety for the health of their eyes and their sight grow, especially if they have friends or relatives who suffer from eye conditions. Eyeplan allows a member to visit the practice whenever they have concerns.
  • Eyeplan includes any additional procedures, such as OCT, that are not covered by the limited NHS entitlement.

Eyeplan has a dedicated scheme for this patient group, called 60plus and many Eyeplan Associate practices offer a reduction in the monthly Eyeplan fee to take into account the modest contribution from the NHS.

The private patient

Many of the private patients who visit an independent practice want the best that they can get for their budget. This is where Eyeplan Reward comes in. Eyeplan Reward is not necessarily about offering patients discount, but about making the very best that a practice has to offer affordable and in budget. Many Eyeplan members use their membership benefits to 'trade up' and statistics reveal that, on average, Eyeplan members in fact spend more on their spectacles than non Eyeplan members (see separate case study). Examples of trade up routes might be:

Aigle men’s frames £112 (or £72 with Eyeplan) to Michael Kors frames £180 (or £124 with Eyeplan).

Stepper ladies’ frames £132 (£86 with Eyeplan) to Chloe designer frames £197 (£142 with Eyeplan).

In both these examples, the patients has spent a modest amount more than ‘budget’ and in return secured greater value from the practice.

The same scenario also works for spectacle lenses; high grade varifocals, transitions, additional coatings and better quality lenses all become more affordable with Eyeplan.

For the private patient it is not just about the value that can be secured. The Accidental Damage Scheme is there to protect the member's investment in quality; all eye care, including additional procedures and emergency appointments, are also covered in the plan.

Patients who want it all

For patients who want to combine the cost of their spectacles with the cost of their eye care, there is Eyeplan Complete. Eyeplan Complete offers patients a more modest saving on their eyewear than Eyeplan Reward; it includes all eye care fees and the Eyeplan accidental damage cover.

A pair of spectacles (or more if purchased on the same day) can be included in a single monthly payment. For the patient this means an easy way to pay and an easy way to upgrade to the best affordable.

As an example a patient dispensed a £200 pair of lenses and a £180 frame would pay £30 per month. To upgrade to a £250 pair of lenses would cost £3 per month more.

Prices vary between practices and the above price examples are only an indication of the value Eyeplan can offer.