Invitation to the Hakim Group Event 16 November 2014

Your Exclusive Invitation to the

Build A Better Business Summit 2014
Dear Independent Practitioner
This may be one of the most important posts you read this year.
I’m Dr.Imran Hakim, owner of The Hakim Group, a rapidly growing group of some 30 independent practices dotted around the country. You might have heard me speak at 100% Optical or read about me in Optician magazine or Optometry Today.
Most people know me from my successful investment deal with Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones on Dragon’s Den with the multi award winning iTeddy: I still have business interests in a range of industries but my passion is entrepreneurship and optics.  And that’s why I’m writing to you today.

This letter is about cutting edge information for independent opticians
that I’d like you to have.

Let me explain. I hold an annual retreat for my group of practices every November because I believe progressive businesses look forward and plan their success.  And November is a good time to do that because when January comes we hit the ground running and start building towards a successful year from day 1. Our annual retreat is a day away from the daily grind, where we really focus on our business and the road ahead.  And it is a day entirely focused on delivering results to my practice owners and managers.
This is NOT one of those events where you leave wondering what you actually got out of attending. You know, the high hopes followed by a disappointed feeling that nothing has changed when you get back to your practice. No. This event is different. This is focused exclusively on ‘Building A Better Business’ with no apologies and no CET.  My practice owners and managers leave with certainty and clarity about their business. And armed with knowledge and tools for the road ahead over the next year and beyond.

Build A Better Business Summit 2014

I’ve Never Been One To Do Things By Halves. Previous experts who I’ve brought in to brief my group include Theo Paphitis (owner of several large national businesses), and Kanya King (founder of MOBO awards). Even the ultra-successful John Bishop has spoken at one of our events (a little known fact is that before his career in comedy he was a sales director for a pharmaceutical company).
This is about cutting-edge content and information for independent opticians and it is delivered to the group in one energizing, motivating day entirely focused on getting results.

Get Insights from Conor Heaney, Imran Hakim & John Lewis
This year, with competition heating up for independent opticians, I’m bringing Conor Heaney to speak to the group.  Conor Heaney is a sought-after consultant to independent opticians but he is also a practice owner himself. His well-known practice achieves an average dispense value of £750 and he is an expert on success strategies for independent opticians. Conor will give the group his views on the future for independent opticians. And I’ve asked him specifically to share the strategies that are most critical to the success of his business.
Another expert I’m bringing in as an advisor to my group of practices is Andrew McMillan, former Customer Services Director at John Lewis. Andrew will be working with us from early next year. But because of the recent news of John Lewis entering the optical market, I am making last minute arrangements to try to bring Andrew to speak at the Build A Better Business Summit in a couple of weeks. After 28 years at John Lewis he is the ideal authority to share some sharp insights about John Lewis’s recent move into the optical marketplace and what their strategy could mean to independent opticians.

The Reason I'm Writing To You Is This
Our event is normally closed doors and only open to my JV partners and practice owners and my inner circle.  But this year, for the first time, I have decided to open the doors for a limited number of independent practice owners to join us for this exclusive event. You are receiving this invitation because you are one of many practices who have been in touch with us in the past or most likely you have been chosen as the kind of person who would appreciate this kind of event.
I have opened the doors to the optical industry this year because the message is so timely and important. Our industry is changing and if the independent sector is smart, it will thrive. In a time where independent opticians hear nothing but bad news, this is about opportunity and good news for the practice owners who take decisive action. So, I would like to give you the opportunity to join us.

Join Us For The Day
There is no charge. Attendance is free but it is by application only.
The number of seats are limited. This is for the practice owner who is serious about business growth. It is for the practice owner who is open-minded and ambitious. The Build A Better Business Summit is on Sunday 16th November from 10am - 5pm at Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester.

To Apply
If you are interested and would like to apply for a seat you just need to send an email with your name and practice details to to get all the information. Because of the limited time, and the limited space, if you're interested it's best to apply now.
I hope to see you there.
With Kind Regards,
Dr. Imran Hakim


P.S. This is not an event to hear the same old messages preached. This is cutting-edge information from the most innovative and forward thinking figures in UK optics.
This is an event where you will leave with clearer thinking about your business, and more importantly, armed with new knowledge and tools for building a business that gets stronger next year. I don’t intend to offer this opportunity for free again. So please apply now if you’d like to join us.