Eyecare Schemes

The Eyeplan eye care schemes are designed to appeal to the different types of patient that visit the practice, including those with an NHS entitlement, and to balance this with simplicity of delivery and explanation by practice staff. Eyeplan are acutely aware of the time constraints the practice team have to work within and overly complex schemes are not necessarily suitable for the independent practice.

The beauty of Eyeplan is that patients choose to become Eyeplan members when the choice is presented to them. This is simply because for patients Eyeplan membership offers real value.

Eyeplan Schemes

Eyeplan Reward: Aimed at patients who do not have an NHS entitlement Reward benefits include inclusive eye care and emergency appointments, special reduced prices on eye wear and the Eyeplan Accidental Damage Scheme to protect the member’s investment in quality spectacles.

Eyeplan 60+: Aimed at patients who have the age related NHS entitlement, 60+ is one of the most popular schemes.  Benefits are similar to Eyeplan Reward and include the Eyeplan Accidental Damage Cover

Eyeplan Complete: Complete eyewear and complete eye care is the motto of this scheme.  Complete includes all the benefits of Eyeplan Reward but also includes the cost of the spectacles in the monthly payment. Members of Complete are entitled to a new pair of spectacles every year as long as they stay a member of the scheme.

Eyeplan Contacts: Despite being aimed at contact lens patients Eyeplan Contacts also includes the spectacle related benefits of the other schemes including the Accidental Damage Cover. This is designed specifically to encourage patients to but their glasses and sunglasses from the same practice they attend for their contact lens eye care.